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The action-line Hessen-IT

Hessen-IT is the action-line of the Hessian Ministry of Economy, Transport, Urban and Regional Development for the entire information and communication market in Hessen. Hessen-IT provides information and services on matters such as the online market, e- and m-commerce, software and telecommunications providers and teleworking. We focus on both the 10,000 Hessian companies that offer products and services on the information and communication market, as well as the small to medium-sized enterprises that use them.

Our provider databases facilitate the search for suitable service providers when carrying out IT projects. At the same time, these databases form an information and communication platform for providers, who can use it to present themselves to users and potential customers. News tickers, e-mail and print newsletters report regularly on the ICT market in Hessen. Numerous publications and series supplement the information provided on the website. The brochures can by ordered easily online, or downloaded.

Hessen-IT has initiated various networks and industry get-togethers, in which both commercial and non-commercial providers have formed alliances. Regional multimedia and e-commerce centres, as well as chambers of commerce, trade chambers and other regional parties all work together with the goal of further securing Hessen's strong position in the German and European ICT market and of bringing us further along the path towards an information society.

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