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Matthias Donath
Dr. Matthias Donath


Telefon: 0611 95017-8963

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Pre-announcement of the 5th call for proposals of the AAL JP, Information event on 13th March 2012, in Brussels

The AAL Association will announce the 5th Call for proposals of the AAL Joint Programme: ICT-based Solutions for (Self) Management of Daily Life Activities of Older Adults at Home

Most people prefer to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. When support is necessary, there are different options: using technology and/or assistance delivered by somebody else.
Today, informal and family care is the predominant model of support for older adults. According to a 2010 estimate 80% of all care across Europe is given by family carers. Currently, informal care givers sum up to 19 Million persons across Europe. Family carers provide “primary assistance with activities of daily life”. However, formal care services are in many cases indispensable and paid care for older adults is a growing phenomenon across Europe. Migrant care workers play an important role in this sector.
The AAL JP Call 5 aims at the development of ICT-based solutions which enable and sustain older adults to continue managing their daily activities in their home. This call aims also at ICT-based solutions which support informal carers in their assistance.
It is anticipated that the call will be launched end of February 2012, with a proposal submission deadline end May 2012.

Information event (“Info Day”)
The information event will take place on 13th March 2012, in Brussels. All potential proposers are strongly advised to come to the information event, and those wishing to attend should register their interest by sending an e-mail to Jacqueline.Teller@aal-europe.eu before 24th February 2012.

Partner search web site:  http://ps.aal-europe.eu